Courses of Visual Arts, Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media, comics / Illustration.
L’Atelier Indigo is open to all from the age of 6.
L’Atelier Indigo welcomes you in a building in the center of Aix. It is an association established in 1993.
A Place of creation, friendly, open to all those who seek to discover, express or improve in the area of Fine Arts.
Beginners or experienced, coaching is customized to fit everyone’s level.
Teaching has its roots in the history of Art, the Art and Poetry Writing.
Photographic support, artistic events. Heterogeneous materials, objects taken from life … so many bases that underpin the subjects of observations and reflections for testing vision, techniques and creativity.
A progressive program, diversified, renewed and adapted to allow each one according to his rhythm, to understand and deepen his artistic language, creation and artistic expression, and often discover unexpected and rewarding capacities.
Research topics, different each year,  will be as many tracks of investigations and creations that, over time, will lead students to more technical and personal discoveries.

Courses for children: 1h or 1h30 per week.
Courses Teens and Adults: 2 hours or 3 hours per week.
On a course planned for 3h, possibility to register only for 2h.

L’Atelier Indigo follows the school schedule, apart from exceptional cases.

Specific topics are offered in the form of small courses half day or full day.
Dates specified in the “Events” section.

More in-depth courses are organized during school holidays.

Children Courses 6 to 12 years


Visual, technical, plasticintroduction for our budding artists.
Explore the poetic universe of children, their imagination, their fantasy, dreams and observing the world. Develop their sense of curiosity, their instinctive freedom of movement. Fun course for plastic transcription of their world.
Draw, paint, discover. Techniques using charcoal, pastels, gouache, acrylic, markers, inks, pencils. Play, create with color, mixed media, collage, and other materials … to infinity. Switch from 2D to 3D

Visual Arts, Drawing, Painting Courses
Teens from 13 years, Adults

Dominique & Virginie

Initiation :
to draw. Development of vision to understand and transcribe the world. Methodical, analytical and parallel integration of techniques as pencil, charcoal, pastels, inks etc.. ExpressiveTools for the development of a visual vocabulary. And move progressively towards the liberation of the gesture.

Progression :
Tactile and visual Introduction and improve skill and fluidity of movement. Experiments with different media, and various techniques: gouache, acrylic, watercolors, oil etc.. Formative experiences for the development of vision.

In-depth studies:
Practice the image composition, experimenting  with mixed media, discover other tools of expression. Skip from 2D to 3D adventure.
Appropriate at your own pace, your unique plastic writing.
Learn and unlearn. Dare, to authorize, attempt to experiment, fail and surprise. Reinvent, rediscover and deepen. Create.
Appropriate more precisely your expression, your sensitivity. Let your creativity to reveal itself and to assert.

Specialized programs:
Adaptations of programs allow us to help students or those looking towards a career in art to train more specifically to techniques and compositions of the image according to the program that is requested to them and prepare them for competitions and exams of the proposed schools.

Observation Drawing Courses, from travel book to live drawing to other sketches
Teens from 15 years, Adults


Take the time to look … really! Not with your ideas, not so pressed, but with all your attention on the colors and shapes that have no name, see and draw what they are.
Make sketches in a given time or compose boards of associated drawings, facing a live model or an object.
Record on the spot what is offered using your own writing charcoal, felt pen or brush.
Experiment and make yours different styles of drawing, simple or more refined, black and white or colored, with or without values, will lead you to embark on a plastic work or capture a moment in a notebook.
Observe the evolution of the line becoming more certain, the proportions more realistic, the drawing closer to what we see, the line more vibrant … and have fun!

Comics & Illustration Course
Teenagers from 12, Adults

with Eliz

Whether starting or improving your skills to tell in pictures: Illustration, strip, comic, and storyboard Practice to find the best composition, the right angle for each scene to captivate the reader. Create your own universe: characters, creatures, environment … exploring from sketches to final illustration. Experiment with different coloring techniques: ink, pencils, watercolor, pen, markers, digital … and find your favourite one. Get inspired by Manga, comics, cartoon, realistic, and many others … and expand your own world, put your dreams on paper, tell your vision, discover your style, deepen it!

« En Voyage » Sketchbook

with Virginie

Capture the moment, sketch them. Feed from our imagination these sketches of snapshots in tune with the world around us.
Learning to see, to transcribe, to compose, to dream and to travel in the image than you create.
Draw, paste, write, search materials, assemble, use different supports and enrich these captured moments. Experiencing color, taming the line, playing with the available techniques and reaching freedom of expression for the progressive creation of our “en voyage” sketchbook.